At the Tomb with Mary Magdalene (Easter Homily 2013)

Easter Day 2013   Throughout the latter days of this Holy Week, the church in every corner of our world has been focused on Jesus, walking with Jesus, praying with Jesus, witnessing his suffering and his dying, standing by his grave in the silence of death.   This morning, on this 3rd day, one womanContinue reading “At the Tomb with Mary Magdalene (Easter Homily 2013)”

Second Sunday of Easter: Learning to See

Grace Church Brooklyn Heights Second Sunday of Easter April 15, 2012 One summer Thursday afternoon, it was either in 1967 or 68, my grandmother gathered the four friends who regularly came to her house to play cards on that day every week. They were serious card players so there was never much conversation once theContinue reading “Second Sunday of Easter: Learning to See”