Loss. Strength. Hope.

This is a brief retreat, first time ever at Holy Cross Monastery on the Hudson. A beautiful spot. And real peace. I’ve been reading words I wrote or quoted from others while I was on retreat, back in the spring of 1998. Some of those words belong to the inimitable Henri Nouwen, of blessed memory.Continue reading “Loss. Strength. Hope.”

Meeting Jesus

Today has been your typical American pastoral day, in some ways. It has been full. There were significant encounters with a few people, and passing meetings with more. There were two many minutes spent staring at a screen and communicating in a way that the Evangelists might have less-than-approved. Who knows? Two moments stood out.Continue reading “Meeting Jesus”

Prophecy, Faith, Division, and Love

Photo from the chapel of the Monastery of St John the Evangelist, Cambridge, MA August 18, 2013 Preached at St John’s Church, Fort Hamilton, Brooklyn, New York (founded 1834) Scriptures: Isaiah 5:1-7, Psalm 80:1-2, 8-18, Hebrews 11:29 – 12:2, Luke 12: 49-56   The voice of a prophet is never well-accepted in his or herContinue reading “Prophecy, Faith, Division, and Love”

Come, My Beloved!

Homily September 2, 2012 at Grace Church Brooklyn Heights on the Song of Solomon (Song of Songs) 2:8-13 Brennan Manning was born in Brooklyn in 1934.  He served in the Korean War and when he came home, he went to college.  His studies didn’t do much to inspire him, and he went looking for somethingContinue reading “Come, My Beloved!”