A birthday week reflection I

Saint Therese of Lisieux reminds me, “ Accept and embrace your own littleness.” Saint Ignatius of Loyola tells me, “Keep doing the work of discernment until you arrive.” Saint Charles de Foucauld urges me, “Carry on day-by-day faithfully, even when – especially when – you cannot see the way ahead.” Thomas Keating, OCSO counsels me,Continue reading “A birthday week reflection I”

How to be together

June 14, 2021 | Bethany Cottage | Portland, Connecticut Two weeks have passed since the month of non-involvement with Facebook began. Today I am at the cottage in Connecticut. It is a cool and wet day, pouring at this moment, and thunder rolling round above, even as the kids at the YMCA camp across theContinue reading “How to be together”

Meeting Jesus

Today has been your typical American pastoral day, in some ways. It has been full. There were significant encounters with a few people, and passing meetings with more. There were two many minutes spent staring at a screen and communicating in a way that the Evangelists might have less-than-approved. Who knows? Two moments stood out.Continue reading “Meeting Jesus”