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Measuring True

“Let us not measure the church by the number of its members or by its material buildings. 

The church has built many houses of worship, many cemeteries, many buildings that have been taken from her. They have been stolen and turned into libraries and barracks and markets and other things.

That doesn’t matter.

The material walls here will be left behind in history. What matters is you, the people, your hearts. God’s grace giving you God’s truth and life.

Don’t measure yourselves by your numbers. Measure yourselves by the sincerity of heart with which you follow the truth and light of our divine redeemer.”  


~ Archbishop Oscar Romero


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Before he spoke I saw

every possible future

in the visitor’s light

including that which would be

the way.

There was no ‘Hail”

(though I love the prayer),

no “Fiat” spoken,

though it was that my whole being cried out;

all this was later translation, rendering and rendition

of what in the instant was a singular breathing

a transparent passage

a Communication heart to heart:

he knew

I understood

and the whole was new.



“Hail” there was, and “blessed” too, and “Fiat” as well, and

it is only in recalling that it is all condensed

to the absolute


In any event, it was.


(J. McGinty, Annunciation 2015)

The Annunciation, Henry Ossawa Tanner (1898)
The Annunciation,
Henry Ossawa Tanner (1898)