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Thoughts in a 3-Season Room, Entering the 3rd Season

Just one
breath in and out
of the cool clear clean air
of this Sunday morning
prayer affirms silently
that no army that can create
fear mayhem sorrow disorder
and death
can overwhelm
He who already has
nor can it kill
He who already has given Himself
all the way to death.

Rather the one breath
the breeze through the morning leaves
the voice of the child calling out
with confidence nearby to her father,
all and each proclaim
that all good has been done,
and that the noise and armor
and fire and fright
cannot conquer He who
has been conquered,
whose life is all
and in all.


(JPM 8.31.14)


A native of the North Shore of Boston, I currently live on Long Island, New York. I worked at Boston College as the Acting Director of The Church in the 21st Century Center until August, 2010 and served until November 2016 as Canon for Formation, and Dean of the George Mercer Jr. School of Theology of the Diocese of Long Island. I am now Rector at the Church of Saint Anselm of Canterbury in Shoreham, New York.

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