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There are spaces in life
In which, more than pray,
You become prayer.
It is as if every tiny bit of you
Stretches upward,
Leans forward
In supplication;
Every cell with microscopic hands
There are spaces in life
That feel like
You can’t pray
But you are prayer.



A native of the North Shore of Boston, I currently live on Long Island, New York. I worked at Boston College as the Acting Director of The Church in the 21st Century Center until August, 2010 and served until November 2016 as Canon for Formation, and Dean of the George Mercer Jr. School of Theology of the Diocese of Long Island. I am now Rector at the Church of Saint Anselm of Canterbury in Shoreham, New York.

2 thoughts on “Prayer

  1. I can relate to this. There have been times in my life – recently – that I was emotionally, intellectually and physically not able to pray. Pray is like love – it is a choice. Of course, God doesn’t give up on any of us and doesn’t accept the choice not to pray. I prayed in different ways through my thoughts and actions. Gradually, I came to my senses and got back on track – and I am so much happier now. So, therefore, your poem is so perfect – I became prayer.

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