The Gift of Time

A real gift of this time supplying for the chapel at Amagansett is its flying in the face of our usual shared way of life. Usually we are in some measure stressed, rushed, under pressure, short-on-time, wondering how to get it all done, and add whatever other phrase might describe your like experience. Coming here,… More The Gift of Time

What are we about?

Each of us on the Bishop’s staff have been asked to prepare an ‘elevator speech’ to share this morning about what our work, our ministry, our piece of the pie, is about. I have come to recognize in myself over my life a distinct tendency to see the grays, the ambiguities, the unspoken possibilities, the… More What are we about?


Could I just say that when you have the strength and capability on your own to draw in breath and release it again, you have enough to be happy?