To Life

Living God,

For the simple fact of life, thank you. Just for being alive at all, even for an instant. Whatever be the joys and sorrows, the exaltations and the pains, thank you for life. It might not have been.

Without it we’d never know love, never look into a beloved face, never know what it means to commit to a cause, to falter and recover, to laugh out loud until it hurts. Without life we’d never meet a hummingbird face to face, snuggle with a pup, make an ice cream sundae for a child.

With life, what isn’t possible?

Life is a share in yours and once given, is given forever. It will take an eternity to begin to say thank you.

We can at least begin. Thank you.


Sticky God

Sticky God,

You’re like celestial Velcro. Actually not even celestial. You’re stickiness right here. You’re like the brambles that stuck to my clothes when I would walk through an open field on the way home from school. There was once a gas station there, where car repairs happened. They closed and the place got overgrown. I suppose to grown-ups it looked like a mess. To me it looked like beauty, and the parts that stuck to me and came home with me felt like You.

You bring us together, and you connect us to each other in a trillion ways a minute. And by being the sticky stuff, your sticky self, right here, You save our lives. You save us for life.

So, sticky, velcroey, brambly God, thank you. Thank you for sticking around.



Cantankerous God,

Thank you for disagreements. Thank you for moments and people free enough, loud enough, ultimately trusting enough to tell each other off. Each is trusting what they believe. And they are also trying their mutual ability to take it, to give as good as they get. Whether they know it or not, they are contributing to the search for truth, and to the advent of peace, even if the latter only comes when exhausted combatants put their arms on each other’s shoulders and stumble together to the nearest park bench. Thank you, Lord, for that moment: when you bring the sturdy to stumble. In that peace is the seed of wisdom.


Photo at Abbey of the Genesee (Sept 2019) John McGinty